Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What we learned at Disney...and more....

I have MORE Disney updates and information and pictures than I can POSSIBLY begin to post in one day, so I'll do a 7-part series! Today will be "What I learned at Disney" -by that I really mean, what I'll do differently next time and other tidbits! Over the course of the next week, I'll write about the following:

1) What I learned from 5 days at Disney (to be discussed more in #2-#7)
2) Resorts & Transportation
3) Disney Princesses 101
4) Disney Dining: A Review of the Dining Plan and Park restaurants
5) Character Meals & The Bippity Boppity Boutique
6) A Closer look at The Magic Kingdom and Epcot
7) A Closer look at Animal Kingdom and The Disney Studios

What I learned from 5 Days at Disney:
1. that Beth snores!
2. that its MUCH better to arrive the EVENING of your first day. Stay in and eat dinner at your hotel or go to Downtown Disney. DO not attempt a Park the first day (especially if you got up to go the airport at 3:30 a.m.). Go to bed EARLY that night- you will need it!
3. Play in the parks for 2 days then take a FULL DAY off! Sleep late, eat a late b'fast, explore a resort you aren't staying in, go swimming, order pizza to your room...RELAX.
4. Play for 2 more days and then leave the morning of the 6th day. (or not before NOON if utilizing Disney's Magical Express...more to come on that.) So in other words - arrive late Sunday afternoon. Play Monday and Tuesday. Take Wednesday off. Play Thursday and Friday. Come home Saturday mid-day. REST AT YOUR HOME ALL DAY SUNDAY!
5. My family cannot all sleep WELL in the same room.
6. There is such a thing as TOO MANY character meals.
7. There absolutely IS such a thing at TOO MUCH FOOD!
8. Be ready for long lines...mostly at bus stops...and Park rides...and restaurants!
9. That your child will need to go potty at the most inconvient times!
10. Use the "sports" option on your camera or you will miss half the good photos.
11. Utilize the Disney PhotoPass Service to get pictures of your entire family together.
12. Just KNOW you are NOT going to see it all. Its impossible.
13. I learned that my child is just like all the other 4 1/2 year olds of the world. Cranky and disagreeable when she's tired. I witnessed MANY MANY MANY cranky, overtired 4 1/2 year olds.
14. That, honestly, any younger than 3 1/2 or 4 is really too early to go to Disney World. Its too much WORK for mom and dad. Folks- if you think Disney is a VACATION, you are WRONG. Disney World is WORK and EXERCISE and lots of it. Late nights and short naps make for tired and cranky kids and parents.
15. As much as I didn't want to have to discipline Beth while at the Parks, sometimes it was absolutely necessary to lay down the law.
16. Your kids WILL completely freak out about certain Peter Pan. Yep - she was scared to death of the THOUGHT of the crocodile. Now, mind you, the actual ride she loved once she was on it! We didn't even ATTEMPT the Haunted Mansion. However, she LOVED Space Mountain. WHO KNEW!!?!
17. I learned that even 4 1/2 year olds still need their stollers every now and then. $10 bucks later for a stroller rental, she was a much happier child...and Bob's shoulders were happy, too!
18. I learned that I will need at least 3 years to get up enough energy to do this again!
19. I learned that its entirely possible to completely fall in love with Disney World all over again as an adult...and watching the magic through the eyes of my own daughter is awesome!
20. I learned that Princess Belle is a UK Student! hehehe!!

21. That your child will immediately want to get off every single ride and do it again! Esepcailly ITS A SMALL WORLD, DUMBO, the TEA CUPS and other incredibly annoying rides!
22. that its never too cold to swim....for some people. (NOT US!)
23. That January in Orlando can be CHILLY!!! And that it never fails it will be prettiest day of your entire trip the day you have to leave.
24. Your children will beg and whine and complain...even at Disney World.
25. You have completely no idea how unbelievably tired you and your kids will be after your "vacation."

Resorts and Transportation.


Katie said...

wow, katie. i was thinking of you guys the other day. wondering about disney. thanks for the breakdown. don't think we will attempt anything like that for many many years. oh how i do love disney. i did a physics program there in high school and had a great time!

Emily said...

This post made me giggle!!!

We only went to MK one day last time for 12+ hours!! I felt like I got hit by a Mack truck! :) 4 straight days should be an adventure!

Leia said...

You must have chatted up Belle :) I always look to see if they are the same as when we were there....there must be dozens of each Princess!

Michelle said...

Your a riot! I think I can live my entire life and never go to Disney and be perfectly happy! :)