Friday, January 18, 2008

My Apologies and Random Disney Stuff

I apologize for the lack of anything interesting to blog about! My life is consumed right now with Disney plans and other ordinary day-to-day stuff that I know you all really could care less about!

Speaking of Disney - does my above ticker really say 7 days? YEP!!! One week from today we'll be in Disney! I swear, half of the fun of going is the planning. I've read and researched and read some more! I have LOVED and, as well as for all my planning, but really, is my fave! I chose the dates we are going based on that site, alone. I have an expandable file ready to be packed in my carryone luggage, that included hotel and airline reservations; Magic Express transsportation info and luggage tags; dining info, which includes all our reservations times and confirm. #'s and maps to all the places where we have reseravtions and other print outs of fun stuff that I pulled off the internet, like the "cheapest" places to eat in the park, how to "share" meals, the best hotdog in the Magic Kingdom and other fun facts; our Disney Rewards Card info (from Chase Credit cards - we've earned $160 Disney Reward dollars); maps and park hours/extra magic hours; and random stuff, like a heighth chart for the rides Beth can/can't ride, as well as all the Bippity Boppity Boutiqe info! I have already bought glow-in-the-dark neclaces for $1.50 at the local party store, to have on hand for nighttime (to avoid the price tag of $7 per necklace in the park!)and I have already bought several souviner T-shirt/sweatshirts from when the Disney Store had their after-Christmas clearance. Most of it is being packed and will be brought out one by one as surprises for Beth! I still need to sneak her Cinderella dress out of her dress-up clothes box and iron it, so its ready for her dinner with Cinderella! YEAH!

We are going to tell her next Wednesday. That way, she can enjoy 1 1/2 days of prep time and telling her friends and I won't have to try to figure out how to hide two HUGE suitcases from her! I still have a few things to gum for the plane! Did you know they don't sell gum ANYWHERE on the Disney properties?

I'm SOOO ready! Now I can start talking in terms of "days" till we leave, instead of weeks! YEAH!!!!!


Sarah said...

Is Beth going to get a makeover at Bippidi Bobbidi Boutique? I can't remember who I recommended this to, but it is so much fun to wear a princess dress while you are there too! Ashton loved getting her makeover! You guys are going to have so much fun!!

Katie & Bob said...

Yes - she's getting it done the second day we are there. I have a Belle dress and a Cinderella dress that I'm taking with me for her to wear that day. I'm hoping she'll wear the Cinderella we don't have to change before dinner at 1900 Park Fare with Cinderella and gang!

Leia said...

I can't wait to hear how excited she is!!!! Enjoy your Cinderella breakfast! Those princesses are the best!