Monday, January 7, 2008

Movie Review

Bob and RARELY get to go to the movies anymore, but ever since I saw the previews for the new National Treasure movie, I knew I had to see it! I love those treasure hunting "type" movies, like Da Vinci Code and the first National Treasure movie. So, at 4:00 yesterday, we dropped off the girls at Grammy and Dandaddy's house and off we went. We paid our $11.50 per 2 diet Cokes and a large popcorn (can you say highway robbery?!?) and waited through 20 minutes of previews...mostly bad previews, although Horton Hears a Who, coming out next summer, looks like a cute kids movie!

National Treasure #2 was great! It was EXACTLY like the first one - action packed and it kept you wondering and guessing what was around every turn and what each clue meant, although it didn't seem like there was as MANY clues in this movie as there were in the first! If you liked the first one, you will like this one. And they left it WIDE OPEN for a third one, so yeah! It had a few things in it that really leave you wondering "I wonder if that is really true?"

It will win no Oscars, by any means, but if you need a movie to be drawn into for about 2 hours, go see it! If you really WANT to see it - don't want for the DVD. The effects/scenery will not be the same on a TV.


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