Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are you in my area? Wanna help?

If you read this blog and you live near me, are you interested in helping with the Kids Closet consignment sale??? We need help the Friday of the sale (Oct. 3) and the Saturday after the sale closes (Oct. 4) from about 11-5. Work 6 hours and shop the private helper's sale on Wed., Oct. 1st before the sale opens to the consigners or the public. (all the good stuff usually sells at the helpers' sale!)
Wanna consign some stuff, too? Let me know and I'll let you know HOW to do it!
Leave a Comment or email me if you are interested...or call me, too, I guess!
It all begins THIS SUNDAY! (which means one of my kids will be sick next week...always happens...every sale!)