Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We went "camping" this weekend. It was supposed to be an absolutely GORGEOUS weekend, so the original plan was to go to a local camping hotspot....all of us for the day, and then Sarah and I would come back home and Beth and Bob would stay the night. Well, after dwelling on it, it was decided that tent camping is just getting too dang hard, so what about a local state park cabin? That way, Sarah and I could stay, too. So, we made a couple of phone calls, packed the truck (with what felt like a weeks worth of stuff), loaded up the girls' bikes and off we went.

We got there at lunch, ate quickly, and then Bob and Beth were off to go fishing and Sarah took a nap. So, I lounged on the not-so-great cabin sofa, watched it rain and dizzle outside (so much for a GORGEOUS weekend), and surfed the TV channels for 2 hours....not watching more than 10 minutes of anything. Wow- weekend daytime TV is BAD!! After naps, they girls went up to the playground for about 1/2 hour, then rode their bikes...and rode their bikes...and rode their bikes. We grilled chicken, ate dinner, went exploring in the truck and then back home for bed. And putting Beth to bed was a CHORE (no nightlight!). After Beth was asleep, Sarah woke up for a good hour...just playing and singing in her bed. NO one slept well. Bob and I were in a full bed, which was WAY more cramped up then we are used to. BUT, it was MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than the ground, which was the alternative to the cabin!

At 7:30, everyone was up and we were out the door on the road home in an hour. (I had to be back for Church at 11:00 due to a prior commitment).

Fun? Maybe. A memory builder? Maybe.
But Sarah should had fun riding her tricycle up and down the street!!!
(oh yeah...and I forgot my camera, too. Sorry.)


Leia said...

You packed a 'weeks worth of stuff' yet you forgot your camera AND the night light? OMG! You need a better packing system! ;) Kidding....

We went 'camping' this weekend too. We put our fire pit in the driveway, lit it, made smores, and the girls played with glow stix. Much easier sounding that what you did! ;)