Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New wardrobes...

So, I did all my Kids Closet shopping tonight. My total (to date) is $169. Not bad...not bad at all!

So this is what I got for Beth -
3 dresses (Toffee Apple, Just Ducky & MC Collection), lots of "holiday" shirts (Halloween, Christmas & Valentines), and lots of shirts and sweaters (Gap, Old Navy, Tommy, J.Kakhi, Copper Key, Ralph Lauren, one pair of Disney Jasmine PJ's (not pictured), shoes and a Hanna Montana microphone that she picked out and a Disney Princess scooter..also not pictured. Total spent on Beth: $72
And for Sarah -
4 dresses (Ralph Lauren, Polly & Friends, Eagles Eye and Sophie Rose), a Gap Valentine's shirt, and several 2-piece outfits (FlapHappy, Flapdoodles, LeTop, CWD, Gymboree & Fashion Classics. She also got a Dora book, a Polar Express DVD (for everyone), and lots of shoes in the size she is wearing now and the next size up. She's set! Total spent on Sarah: $77

I think I did pretty good! I'm sure I'll pick up a few other things from now until Saturday (especially Saturday when most things go 1/2 price). There are a TON of things this year...I'm sure I missed lots of great items just because there is so much stuff!


Lanny said...

Wow! You did well!

Very cute! :)