Monday, September 1, 2008


Sarah Palin, that is. The GOP VP candidate. Awesome!

Granted, three days ago, I didn't know squat about this woman, but now that we DO know who she is and I'm learning, I'm so excited. I think the one thing I'm most excited about is that she is a working mom....of five kids. Well, technically, 3 kids still at home, since one is in the army and heading to Iraq and the other one (17 girl) is getting ready to get married (b/c she is pregnant, if you haven't already heard). BUT, family drama is in every family, in one way or the other, so she is really no different than the rest of us....basically your real American mom, with the exception of maybe being the Vice President and the current Alaskan Govenor. She's "real" and I think that is why I like her.

I can hear all the chatter now, about her working and having five kids and "if she hadn't been working and been at home raising those kids where she should have been, that 17 year old girl wouldn't have gotten pregnant!" Whatever people....get a life. Its 2008. Everyone has their own opinion.

My opinion is I like her. I'm thrilled McCain chose a working mom to be his running mate. And from what I gather...she's a real pistol!!! That'll be my Sarah in 40 years!!