Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm drowning in hair accessories!

To date, I have made over $225 dollars in bows. My goal is to have $300 worth, which I MAY hit with special orders taken at the sale. I would like to sell at least 1/2 of them. (oh, okay, I'd like to sell ALL of them, but that is highly unlikely.)

These are the ponytail streamers- not as cute in the bags as they are actually IN a ponytail!

See something you like and want it custom to your kid's school color or team colors? Email me or leave a comment!
Basic medium bows: $3.00
Basic medium bows multi packs: $8.00 and $10.00
Large Polka dot/solid bows: $4.00
Ponytail Streamers: $5.00


Anonymous said...
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Lanny said...

Oooh, me! I want a few bows! I've been so behind on reading blogs since the baby was born (I love reading your blog, btw)--I had no idea you were making bows.

Do you make any baby bows too?

Let me know how I can order them if you don't mind.

Thanks so much. I love the ponytail ones, and I think my five year old would wear them even though she's completely against 'regular' bows lately.

Jen (Teacher-Mommy)

Katie & Bob said...

Jen, I'm not doing baby bows because working with that tiny ribbon is just so difficult and I get frustrated! :-) I've done korker pigtail bows in the past, too. Anyway,Let me get through Kids Closet this week, and then I'll let you know what I can do to help you out!