Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beth's First Day of Kindergarten

Our traditional "front porch" photos before heading off to school at the ungodly hour of 7:40 this morning. Ugh. If you look closely, you can really see how tired she is - she isn't a great morning child. This year should be interesting...

And followed by our traditional "Church front steps" photo on the first day of school! The sun was directly in her eyes - not many great shots here.

In front of her cubby in her classroom (she was SOO over me taking her picture at this point!).

I can't believe I have a Kindergarten girl! AUGH! I did okay this morning - no time for tears and she was SO ready to go. The one moment when I did almost cry was when I realized that on this day next year, I'd be taking my baby, Sarah, to 3-year-old Nursery school. Oh she growing that fast, too??

I'll dig up Beth's 1st day photos from 3-year-old and 4-year-old Nursery School and do a comparison soon - gotta find those pictures first!


Leia H said...

Why so early in the morning??

Good for Beth for being so excited! And congrats to you for holding it together - it's hard to do!

Jeannie said...

She looks cute.

Cassie has the exact backpack! She loves Sleeping Beauty!

Melissa said...

Cute! And she is SO tall!