Monday, October 20, 2008

Bows - Last Call!

I'm getting ready to finish up a few Special Orders, then I'm packing up the bow supplies until next February. So, if you still want to order Christmas bows or Ponytail Streamers, let me know ASAP! Leave a comment with your email address and I'll contact you or you can email me directly if you have my email address. I can invoice via Paypal and make it easy.

Medium Bows: $3.00
Large Bows: $4.00
3-Ribbon Ponytail Streamers: $4.00
4-8 Ribbon Ponytail Streamers: $5.00

This is a 4-8 Ribbon Ponytail Streamer (and this particular one is sold, but I do have a lot of this same ribbon left, plus some new ribbon just purchased, see below) . The 3-Ribbon Ponytail Streamers have more a simple look.
New ribbon I have in stock:
I'm out of "themed" Halloween ribbon, but I do have plenty of solid orange and black in several different sizes, as well a black & white striped ribbon and black & white polka dot ribbon. If you are at all interested in a Halloween bow or Ponytail Streamer, let me know ASAP, so I can have them in the mail by the end of this week! I also now have soccer ribbon back in stock!! I can also take a look at school uniforms or special outfits and try to come up with a custom bow or streamer, as well. It also helps to know the lenghth of the person's hair, if you are ordering a ponytail streamer....some people don't like the streamers to be longer than the actual ponytail!


Jeannie said...

The bows are fun. I am amazed, thouhg, that anyone can pack up and put away craft stuff! I can't imagine doing that at all, lol :)