Friday, October 17, 2008


Gas is $2.91 here!! Hallelujah!! Do you think it will drop another $1 or so?? I'm doubting it...but at least I can fill up for under $36 now! FINALLY!! I was so SICK of seeing $3.xx on all the gas station signs...... When I first bought my car, I was filling up for $18!! Good times...good times....

So if it hasn't hit your area yet...its probably coming....keep hanging on!!

Edited to add -I went home for lunch -its now down to $2.89!!

Edited Again - its now Sunday and gas is $2.69! At this rate, we'll be under $2 in no time, even though that is probably unrealistic.


Emily said...

I paid $2.59 at Costco yesterday! YAY!

Lanny said...

No fair! We've got some stations down in the low 3s, but one near my house is hanging around $3.40 or so. I know it will come down though.

One of my husband's friends used to own two gas stations. He sold them about two months ago, and now he's not so happy that he did. He said the spread per gallon (difference in wholesale price + taxes, and what the gas is sold for) is around a dollar, and that his stations sold about 100,000 gallons a month. So, depending on where the spread acutally is (.80-1.00, depending on the station price), they are making $80,000-$100,000 per month!!!

Jeannie said...

We have been under 2.50 for a couple of days now.

I am gald, but it is sad that we are excited that gas is 2.50!

My husband started at his company 4 years ago, when gas was 1.40 something....he has a 40 mile commute, and we are glad it is coming down...hopefully for good, and not just until the election....