Thursday, October 30, 2008

Need Christmas Ideas??

Yeah, I know...its not even Halloween yet, but it takes me forever to plan Christmas for the girls. Bob and I have really been struggling regarding their "big" gifts this year. Nothing has come to mind...except a trampoline. (and Beth NEEDS a new Bike - we are thinking that may wait till her Bday in March) Bob is trying his hardest to convince me that the girls need a trampoline. Yes, they truly would LOVE LOVE LOVE it, but I can't get past the fact that not only is it $350, but I'm 99.9% sure someone (probably Sarah) WILL get hurt....I'm trying to get past my fears and consider it, though, because they would be so excited! I'm also thinking a few more "doll" accessories for Sarah (like diapers, clothes, etc) might be good because she loves playing with her baby dolls, but we don't need any new dolls. I'm still undecided on dress-up clothes. I think our dress-up boxes are just about as full as they are gonna get!

And now I've found the COOLEST online toy website-
I also love, but it doesn't have as MANY cool things as the others do. So far, I'm in love with what I'm finding for both girls - Sarah & Beth!
Everything pictured is from . I got tired of cutting-n-pasting pictures after the hundreds of cool things on fatbrain! Hearthsong is more "mainstream" toys and I actually have a catalog and I've earmarked a lot of things in it for both girls, too!
How cool are these - they are Dado Blocks:

And these are Wedgits:

And this caught my eye for Beth- a bead/lacing/necklace/bracelet making kit:
And these two things are a new spin on "paint by number." I think they are both GREAT for lots of "independent play," as is the bead kit above:

And Beth LOVES the Crayola Color Wonder sets- this one looks like its a new kind!

I ALMOST bought her one of the magnetic mosaics last year...I still think its very cool and great for her BRAIN!! (geez...there's a thought!)
And this looks like something that Beth might like making...
I want things the girls will actually PLAY WITH this year. SO many of they toys they have are forgotten about 1 week after Christmas or never played with at all (hence the Dora make-up table that Beth HAD to have last now resides in Sarah's room because Beth NEVER ONCE played with the darn thing). She has requested the "wedding Barbie" on several occasions, but again..she doesn't really play with her Barbies. She is FAR MORE LIKELY to be coloring or playing with random household things! I'm sick to death of crappy toys that junk up their rooms and the entire house. I'm sure there will be a toys she just HAS TO HAVE, so I'll save a little room in the budget for that...depending on what it is. I feel like Santa needs to get her whatever is her "I HAVE to have it" item...I think that helps keep a little bit of the magic in Christmas!!
Oh, I can't wait for the "Holidays!" I love Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!! I'm so excited already...can I decorate on November 1st?? No?? Oh, okay...I'll wait a little bit longer....


Anonymous said...

Hello ~ I found your blog when I was checking out Disney info. I read this post and had to tell you the Wedgets are AWESOME. My son got them 2 years ago at age 3 and he loved them. They are a lot of fun for adults as well :-)

I love the holidays and it sure helps that I live in Santa Claus, Indiana...what fun I can get away with decorating when I want :)


Sarah said...

Ashton has the mosaics, and she loves them! I would definitely recommend them if Beth enjoys crafy things!

Katie said...

I agree, River has wedgits at his school and loves them! I love fat brain toys too. Ordered from them last year. We have the cubes. I would recommend the wedgits over the cubes. You are definitely getting me excited for the season. The smells, scents, sounds...

Leia said...

Thank you for the site!! I always buy my daycare a new toy for Christmas, and I was stuck on what to get this year!