Monday, October 27, 2008

It was a very busy weekend...for me, at least

*I* had a very busy weekend!! Saturday, the girls and I got up and went to a pancake breakfast and came home and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL DAY! We went for a walk to our favorite apple tree and picked about 30-35 apples...probably the last trip there. MANY of the apples were already on the ground and not many at all were left on the tree. Here are a few pictures from our walk and at the apple tree:

Friday night, I got this wild idea to make my own pumpkin puree (for breads, muffins, pie, etc) from a pie pumpkin. Well, it took well over 3 hours from start to finish to make it (for step-by-step instructions - go here). All in all, it only made THREE CUPS of pumpkin puree...not really worth my time, but the end product of what I am going to make with the puree will be the ultimate decision on whether to go through all that trouble again.

SOO...Saturday, while the girls napped, I made a batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffins (for Sunday's Welcome Breakfast at Church) and used the puree...and honestly...I couldn't really tell a difference in the taste. Not sure I'll ever attempt homeade pumpkin puree again!! It was truly a pain in the butt!! So, after I made the muffins, I roasted the pumpkin seeds from the pie pumpkin, while I chopped apples for an Dapple Apple cake...which went into the freezer for Beth's school's Cake Auction the week of Thanksgiving. I just thought I'd go ahead and get it out of the way while I had time, instead of making the darn thing the night before the auction! I also had a crockpot full of chili cooking this whole time, too. I was a busy bee in the kitchen, that is for sure!!

OH - Saturday I also managed to run through my Laity Sunday Message 2-3 times, just so I could say it out loud. I don't think I've mentioned that our minister asked me to give the Message on Laity Sunday this year. For those non-Methodist, once a year, the "lay people" of the church (your basic church member) run the service. He asked me to give the Message (i.e. the Sermon). AUGH!! I'm typically a pretty decent public speaker, so it was no biggie, but coming up with what to talk about was a little tricky! I utlimately decided on "What Gift Did God Give you"...and how to give it back to the Church. I talked for roughly 20 minutes. It was fun- I'd do it again!!

So, Sunday after Church, while the girls napped, I chopped up more apples and made Spiced Apple Bread - 1 big loaf and 3 mini-loaves. Not sure yet if I'm giving the mini-loaves away or freezing them for our own use later...But boy, is it good bread! The recipe is somewhere on this blog - in September maybe?? Then we played at a local park with the girls till around dinner time and then headed to our new Pizza Hut with Dandaddy (my dad).

Beth had another ROUGH night last night...not sure why...she had been doing VERY well. I think I'm convinced she is waking up so much at night and having such a hard time going back to sleep because there is entirely too much LIGHT in her room!! Her eyes/brain see all that light and think its time to get up and then she gets scared because the house is all dark and quiet. Her closet light is bright, especially with the closet doors OPEN and her nightlight puts off a fair amount of light, too. I told her that tonight, the closet doors would be CLOSED (they are slatted, so the light still shines through) and after she fell asleep, I'd be turning it off completely, which I haven't done since the nightmare incident. She has yet to recover...I can't wait for Halloween season to be OVER!!! This has been a bad year for her getting spooked so easily.....

Thank goodness today is Monday & I'm at work...I needed a break!!